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We offer Cretan-Greek traditional cuisine since 1995, with local and fresh ingredients, cooked in olive oil of our own production. Τaste courses made with the finest and purest products that the Cretan land offers us.


  • Greek salad 6.50€

    Cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives, feta cheese

  • Cretan salad 8.50€

    Cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onions, olives, boiled potatoes, paximadi (rusk), mizithra

  • Green salad 8.00€

    Lettuce, lola lettuce, arugula, sun dried tomato, gruyere slices, crouton

  • Octopus salad 12.00€

    Boiled octopus, onion, tomatoes, peppers

  • Cretan potato salad 5.00€

    Boiled potato, celery, onion, garlic, olives

  • Boiled seasonal herbs 5.00€


  • Meatballs 7.00€

    Fried in olive oil ,served with yoghurt and spearmint sauce

  • Zucchini balls 7.00€

    Grated zucchini, with feta, parsley and onion

  • Smoked sausages 8.00€

    Pork sausages smoked in cretan herbs, served with fries and staka butter

  • Mixed vegetables fried 6.00€

    Fried slices of zucchinis, eggplants and mushrooms

  • French fries 5.00€
  • Apaki 9.00€

    Cured pork loin marinated in spices and vinegar, smoked with Cretan herbs

  • Graviera saganaki 7.00€

    Cretan gruyere fried cheese

  • Potato saganaki 6.00€

    Baked potato with pepper mushrooms sliced onion feta and cheese

  • Kalitsounia with mizithra cheese 6.50€

    traditional small pies

  • Kalitsounia with herbs 6.50€

    traditional small pies

  • Kalitsounia mixed with cheese and herbs 6.50€

    traditional small pies

  • Fennel pie 5.00€

    traditional small pie

  • Mizithra cheese 5.00€
  • Gruyere cheese 6.50€
  • Dakos 6.50€
  • Tzatziki 4.00€
  • Tyrokafteri 4.00€

    spicy cheese dip

  • Zucchini flowers 6.00€

    stuffed with rice and herbs

Local courses

  • Sfakiano Lamb 13.00€

    slowly roasted lamb in olive oil, accompanied with fried potatoes

  • Chicken in tomato sauce 10.00€

    accompanied with Cretan pasta

  • Beef onion stew 13.00€

    slowly roasted beef chunks in tomato sauce and onions, accompanied with Cretan pasta


  • Spaghetti Bolognese 8.00€
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce 7.00€
  • Cretan pasta 9.00€

    with tomato sauce and smoked pork


  • Mousaka 10.00€
  • Boureki 9.00€

    sliced potato with zucchini, cheese, parsley, mint and olive oil

  • Gemista 8.00€

    tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice

Wood oven

  • Lamb with potatoes 14.00€

    marinated and slowly roasted

  • Pork with potatoes 12.00€

    Pork shoulder roasted for 8 hours

  • Pork with eggplant 12.00€

    Slowly roasted pork chunks with eggplant and feta cheese


  • Fried calamari* 12.00€
  • Grilled octopus* 16.00€
  • Grilled/fried shrimps* 12.00€
  • Grilled cuttlefish* 12.00€
  • Stuffed cuttlefish* 13.00€

    with feta cheese & tomato

  • Grilled sardines 10.00€
  • Fried anchovy 9.00€
  • Grilled dorado 16.00€
All seafood courses are accompanied with french fries and salad


  • Pork chop 15.00€


  • Pork pancetta 10.00€
  • Pork souvlaki 9.00€
  • Chicken souvlaki 10.00€
  • Lamb chops 14.00€
  • Chicken fillet 10.00€
  • Mixed meat plate 15.00€
All grilled meat courses are accompanied with french fries and salad


  • Pepsi cola 2.50€
  • 7up 2.50€
  • Ice tea 2.50€
  • Orangeade 2.50€
  • Lemonade 2.50€
  • Gazoza 2.50€
  • Byral 2.50€
  • Soda water 2.50€
  • Sparkling water 0.33ml 2.00€
  • Sparkling water 1lt 4.00€
  • Water 1lt 1.00€


  • Fresh orange juice 3.00€
  • Homemade lemonade 3.00€
  • Apple juice 3.00€


  • Harma beer 250ml 3.00€
  • Harma beer 400ml 4.00€
  • Lyra beer 330ml 4.00€
  • Amstel free 330ml 3.00€
  • Mythos Radler 330ml 3.00€
  • House wine glass 2.50€
  • House wine 500ml 5.00€


  • Ouzo glass 3.00€
  • Ouzo bottle 7.00€
  • Retsina 4.00€
  • Raki bottle 200ml 4.00€
  • Whiskey 7.00€
  • Gin 7.00€
  • Vodka 7.00€
  • Metaxa 5* 6.00€
  • Metaxa 7* 7.00€


  • Mojito 8.00€

    White rum, brown sugar, lime, mint

  • Mojito strawberry 8.00€

    White rum, brown sugar, lime, mint, strawberry puree

  • Aperol spritz 8.00€

    Aperol, prosecco, soda

  • Margarita 8.00€

    Tequilla, Triple sec, lime, salt

  • Martini Porn star 8.00€

    Vodka, Passoa, Vanilla, lime

  • Blue Lagoon 8.00€

    Vodka, blue curacao, lemonade

  • Ginger martini 8.00€

    Vodka, lime, passion fruit puree, simple syrup, ginger syrup

  • Negroni 8.00€

    Campari, gin, vermouth

  • Passion Caipiroska 8.00€

    Vodka, passion fruit puree, lime, simple syrup

  • Pink paloma 8.00€

    Tequila, lime, salt, Pink grapefruit soda


  • Greek coffee 1.50€
  • Espresso 2.00€
  • Cappuccino 3.00€
  • Americano 2.50€
  • Freddo espresso 2.50€
  • Freddo cappuccino 3.00€
  • Frappe 2.00€
  • Nes caffe 2.00€


  • Seasonal fruits 5.00€
  • Greek yoghurt with honey 4.00€
  • Sfakiani pie with honey 5.00€
  • Baklava 5.00€
  • Chocolate cake with ice cream 5.00€
  • Dessert of the day 5.00€
  • Ice cream 2.00€

    per scoop

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Wine List

Sparkling wines

  • Prosecco Brilla Rosé 7.00€

    Glass - Varieties: Glera and Pinot Noir. Italian Prosecco. Elegant and intense bouquet. Light rose color and aromas of roses and white flowers. Dry, soft and balanced on the palate.

  • Prosecco Astoria Rosé 24.00€

    750ml - Varieties: Pinot Nero, Glera. Italy. Rosé sparkling wine with a delicate color and intense character.

  • Moscato Natale Verga 6.00€

    Glass - Variety: 100% Moscato Bianco. Intense aromas of apple and peach harmonically combined with those of honey and sage. A fragrant, lightly sweet, semi-sparkling, dessert wine with crisp acidity and long lasting aftertaste.

  • Prosecco Godibile 17.00€

    750ml - Variety: Glera. Light lemon - yellow color with green highlights. Fruit aromas like green apple, peach and citrus with discreet floral notes. Light and fresh in the mouth with lasting bubbles and a sweet aftertaste.

  • Amalia Brut
    Tselepos Winery

    750ml - Grape Variety: Moschofilero. Peloponnese. An elegant sparkling wine with a light, yellow-green color and fine bubbles with intensity and duration. Aromas of rose petal, brioche and honey are lifted by a refreshing acidity.

  • Amalia Brut
    Tselepos Winery


  • Prosecco Natale Verga 5.00€

    200ml - From the Italian variety Glera. Prosecco is a deliciously dry sparkling wine with crisp acidity, low sugar, with plenty of fruit and character.

White wines

  • GERTO Toplou Monastery 26.00€

    750ml - PGI Lassithi, Crete. Dry White Wine from 100% Thrapsathiri. Exotic fruits such as pineapple, melon, mango along with notes of jasmine blossoms. Medium body wine with balanced acidity and long aftertaste with citrus and peach aromas at the finish.

  • Vidiano Diamantakis 22.00€

    750ml - PGI Crete. Variety: Vidiano 100%. The grapes of the Vidiano variety create a wine with a distinctive golden color and a complex bouquet of citrus aromas such as bergamot, as well as scents of pear, banana and melon.

  • Vidiano Diamantakis 5.00€


  • PGI Queen Lyrarakis 23.00€

    Glass | 750ml - PGI Crete. Variety: Vilana. Aromas of stone fruits and citrus fruits with aromatic herbs hints. Full mouth with a velvety texture and a strong presence of ripe fruit and mineral notes on the finish.

  • Blanc de Gris
    Tselepos Winery

    750ml - PDO Arcadia. Grape Variety: 100% Moschofilero. A greek wine with fine aromas of citrus fruits and lemon flowers of great intensity. Full bodied in harmonic balance with its acidity.

  • Anhydrous Santorini 65.00€

    750ml - PDO Santorini. Varieties: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani. Complex bouquet of mineral character, citrus, on a background of nuts. Mouth dry, with high acidity, dense structure, taste of honey, citrus, quince, vanilla. Long aftertaste.

  • Chardonnay Katsarou Estate 55.00€

    750ml - PGI Kranias, Thessaly. Variety: Chardonnay. Rich, thick and complex, it impresses on the nose and wins in the mouth, giving a result with duration and wealth.

  • Palaiokastra Karadimos Family 29.00€

    750ml - PGI Slopes Knimidos, Central Greece. Varieties: Malagouzia and Assyrtiko. Intense aromas of peach, grapefruit and flowers.

  • Ergo Lantides 27.00€

    750ml - PGI Peloponnese. From the variety Sauvignon Blanc. Light lemon color. Pleasant and fresh aromas of pineapple, melon pear, grapefruit and lemon, with hints of lemon blossom and subtle notes of grass, characteristic of the variety. In the mouth it is refreshing, herbal items and exotic fruits to besiege the palate.

  • Fragospito Gavalas Crete Wines 30.00€

    750ml - PGI Crete. Varieties: Malvasia and Moschato Spinas. Aromas of high aromatic intensity and complexity with exuberant notes of citrus.

  • Afronas Chronos Pnevmatikakis 20.00€

    750ml - Chania. White dry wine from the Malvasia variety. Rich aromas of citrus and jasmine give us a wine with golden color.

  • MUSCAT OF SPINA Martsakis 24.00€

    750ml - Crete. Variety: Characteristic aromas of flowers and fresh stone fruits. Full mouth with structure and lively acidity.

  • MUSCAT OF SPINA Martsakis 5.00€


  • Agapi Pnevmatikakis 17.00€

    GLASS | 750ml - Chania. White semi-sweet wine from the Malvasia Aromatica variety. The intense fruity taste and the bouquet of citrus aromas and white flowers, offer a delicate wine with floral notes and a fresh taste.

Rose wines

  • Dafnios Douloufakis 21.00€

    750ml - PGI Crete. Varieties: Liatiko and Vidiano. Attractive light pink color with onion skin tones. Characteristic aromas of dried jasmine, red fruits, star anise and fresh stone cherry.

    Estate Skiouros

    750ml - PG I Macedonia. Variety: Xinomavro. Pale salmon color, full bodied with high acidity. Aromas of strawberry, rose and tomato jam and a strong aftertaste.

  • Little ark Lantides 29.00€

    750ml - PGI Peloponnese. Variety: Moschofilero 100%. Gentle rose rose color. Αromas of red fruits, mature cherries, rose and honey. Well-balanced mouth, quite full, with a pleasant fruity aftertaste.

  • Vera Rosa Winery Strataridakis 27.00€

    750ml - Crete. Rose dry wine from the Merlot and Muscat of Spina varieties. Bright and clear pink color. On the nose it has strong aromas of fruit, such as pomegranate and rose.

  • Ano Playa Anoskeli 25.00€

    750ml - PGI Crete. Varieties: Syrah and Grenache Rouge. Features is its freshness, the intensely bright rose color and high acidity. Aromas of red fruits and flower aftertaste.

  • ROUBINI Martsakis 20.00€

    750ml - Crete. Varieties: Grenache Rouge and Romeiko. Bright color and an intense nose of strawberry and raspberry aromas. It leaves a pleasant taste and refreshing acidity in the mouth.

  • Starlight Pnevmatikakis 20.00€

    750ml - From the Grenache Rouge and Kotsifali varieties. The vineyards of Crete and the Mediterranean climate worked harmoniously in the production of a rosé wine with a fruity taste.

Red wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon Mouses Estate 45.00€

    750ml - PGI Thebes. Deep ruby color. Aromas of sour cherry, raspberry, cocoa, vanilla, sweet spices, with notes of eucalyptus and cedar. In the mouth the body is rich, with pleasant acidity, strong tannins and a long aftertaste.

  • Red Warrior Sgouridis Wines 44.00€

    750ml - PGI Avdira/Thrace. Varieties: Pamidi, Limnio and Cabernet Sauvignon. Complex nose, with aromas of red and black fruits combined with notes of spices from the 18-month aging in oak barrels. The mouth is rich, with velvety tannins and a long, fruity aftertaste.

  • Ktima Nemea Bairaktaris 38.00€

    750ml - PDO Nemea from the Agiorgitiko variety. Deep ruby red color. It combines the aromas of fruit with the flavors and aromas of oak in perfect balance. Full body and perfectly balanced tannins.

  • Dafnios Douloufakis 23.00€

    750ml - PDO Dafnes/Crete. Variety: Liatiko. Ruby color with brown hints. Fruity, spicy nose. Round mellow texture. Very stylish, mouth filling, old fashion and traditional wine.

  • Dafnios Douloufakis 5.00€


  • Aenaon Lantides 28.00€

    750ml - PGI Peloponnese. Variety: Merlot 100%. Red wine vinification method including diffusion and storage in oak barrels for 14 months up to bottling. Aromas of spices such as cinnamon, clove and pepper with notes of forest fruits.

  • 101 Doors Toplou Monastery 32.00€

    750ml - PGI Lassithi, Crete. Variety: Syrah. Dense and sturdy. Unique bouquet with notes of rose, green pepper, raspberry and chocolate. Rich taste, spicy aftertaste.

  • Naousa Kir-Yianni 26.00€

    750ml - PDO Naousa from the grape variety Xinomavro. Dark brick red color, fading towards the edge of the glass. Opulent, sweet ripe raspberry fruits, black pepper and tomato paste aromas compose a rich and powerful wine. The delicate supple aromas are well supported by the oak ageing vanilla taste.

  • LAGARA Mantilari Paraskevas Winery 25.00€

    750ml - PGI Crete, from the Mantilari variety 100%. Red ripe fruits and dictamnus in the flavor of this amazing red wine from 100% Mantilari. Unfiltered with a full and soft body and very soft tannins, long but soft finish.

  • Alovitos Pnevmatikakis 20.00€

    750ml - PGI Chania. From the Cretan variety Kotsifali. Rich in aromas of ripe red fruits and the aftertaste of the oak barrel.